How much does a laundry renovation cost?

When it comes to renovations, the laundry room is usually the last room on the list. For one, the room is not exciting, to begin with. However, a well-organized laundry room with everything in its proper place and drawers that maximize available space in the room can help make one of the most unpleasant household tasks much more bearable. It will not do your laundry or fold your clothes for you, but it will create a bright and fresh space that will assist you in staying on top of cleaning.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your laundry room. We also consider minimizing laundry renovation cost on these tips.


The first and possibly most important in the budget of laundry renovation, so one should avoid messing up with the plumbing whenever possible. Even a little change in plumbing can significantly increase expenses and timelines.

If you’ve decided to relocate the washer and dryer, consult with a plumber early in the planning phase. Inquiring with specialists can frequently result in innovative renovation solutions that save you time and money.


When it comes to laundry room remodeling, functionality is key. Most of the laundry renovation Gold Coast focuses on this one.  The room should be attractive, but more importantly, it should simplify your life.  Storage is a critical factor for any low-cost laundry makeover. Your typical laundry room is equipped with various chemical products, none of which are very attractive when exposed to moisture.

Consider putting cabinets, floating shelves, and baskets to conceal detergents and the like but keep them close at hand.

Built around the machines

Your washer and dryer will take up some space in your laundry room. That doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice ergonomics. Constructing cabinets, benches, or tabletops around your machines is the simplest approach to maximize your area allocation. If your machines are top-loading, you can even install a hinged benchtop for added convenience.

Folding is a friend

Space is very important to the majority of Australian laundries. To tidy the room and make some additional space, look for fittings that fold away when not in use. These include ironing boards attached to the wall or door, retractable clotheslines, and even a fold-up folding table! 


It sounds simple, yet people frequently overlook decorating their laundry. Therefore, have fun with it! Bear in mind that if you’re bored while renovating, you’ll be bored with the finished product.

Never underestimate what a fresh coat of paint and a few ornamental pieces can accomplish. What’s holding you back from hanging a lovely painting in your laundry room or investing in a stylish light fixture?

Save energy, save money

As part of your improvements, upgrading your washer and dryer is useful. Technology has improved at a fast pace, and a modern washer and dryer can save you from the costly electric bills. Additionally, you may want to investigate LED lighting or a water tank to help you save money in the long run.
After thoughtfully considering all the recommendations above, maybe you are wondering, how much all these renovations cost?

According to trades listing website Hipages, most laundries in Australia will cost between $5,000 and $25,000 to renovate, not including appliances. A decent rule of thumb is to match the materials used in your laundry to those used in your kitchen or bathroom or to trim them down slightly. While marble benchtops and splashbacks are significantly more expensive than laminate. If you’re in the market for new appliances, whether a front loader washer, top loader washer, or clothes dryer, it’s often essential to evaluate their performance and reliability, quietness, design, value for money, and additional functionality before making a purchase.